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The talks about you…

Those were not secrets
But moments uncontrollable
That let me spill some of my life
With people so intimate
In that moment of life
That they made it flow
like life had conspired to…

If life conspires to
Make them come across
One day those secrets so scattered
Would take shape of stories
And you know who will it lead to…

So I wish
I vanished before they meet
And you still stay unaware
How much I talked about you.

© Amaresh Swain

The Beginning!

It’s silence
Increasing with the depth of night
When all the party men went inside;
I stand on the brink of my terrace
Trying to adjust the lens to capture the moon
One fine evening
Love will come sliding down my chute
And whisper.
In my Eyes
The dreams begin to take patterns!

Thus we lied again…

7:49 AM
Amidst the allurement of a September morning’s glory,
We woke up with our incomplete story.
Two dreams left half-way…
And some blabbery of irremembrance, to our dismay.

You told me, “I dreamt of something crazy” and I said, “Me too”
I said, “tell me”.
You said “why me?..first you.”

In this conversation I forgot my dream
And made up some story for you;
You just tried to make yours better;
Interrupting me that I was cheating on you.

There came a good morning
And good stories to say…
Over a morning coffee,
Thus we lied again..
In a thoughtful way.

Or just Chuck Pebbles?

Is it time I should sit silently
Or just chuck pebbles into the sea ?
When I say “I am what I am”;
And they say
That I am different from me.


The days get shorter and nights longer
I sit and sit and think,
There comes no sight
That hints on a solution,
I stare at the sky without a blink.


The more and more I say it loud,
I find in the sky,
One more cloud…
Weeping like a confused baby in the street;
I quit thinking
And promise not to do it again
And then silently I sit.

On the sea-shore,
Everyone is confused like me:
The moon, the tide, the star fish and the wind;
I chuck another pebble into the sea,
And stand up, to go home;
Thinking again…
That I have changed my mind.

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