Having no work, no trek, no social get together, no shopping, no washing and cleaning, out of ennui I decided to spend this weekend in my room with my food and laptop. I started surfing random pages and after sometime my eyes were caught up somewhere.

I had created a blog long back, but had never got an idea to pen in. I always thought if the articles written by me will be accepted by others. As there has been always an exception to every so-called concepts, I got my answer when I found this stuff. It started like this.The other day I came across an interview: interview with krish ashok of doing jalsa and showing jilpa.  Particularly the last Q&A fascinated me a lot.

Q: What is your advice to someone who wants to start a blog?

A: I generally don’t like advising anybody. I prefer the extremes of  “subtle hints” or on the other end, the “Do-what-I-say-or-I-will-tickle-your-feet-with-Ostrich-feathers” kinds of persuasion. On the other hand, I could have just said – “Go to wordpress.com, sign up and start blogging”. If you get bored, blog about getting bored. If you get bored about blogging about getting bored, you could of course, go around tickling people in their feet with Ostrich feathers, shoot videos of them, upload them to Youtube, and then write a blog post about that experience. Seriously, there are no reasons not to blog.

And YES, there is absolutely no reason not to blog. So, I initiated it then and there. But,then came the heads up of another confusion: “what would be the name of my blog?” Something like “Amaresh Swain’s Blog” would be OK, but that would sound like the only person I know in world is myself. Then I thought of some classy words like “Metonymy”. That word would have suited well, since we always include some circumlocution and euphemism in our articles to create this particular type of figure of speech to mean something else by using related words as substitutes. But it looked like a search-in-a-dict-type boring name.  I was looking for some pure humour. In the mean time I found my kitten making a ridiculous sound. That was a combo of a purr and a yowl; might be because of the heavy Sunday lunch. What was that? oops! a mooooooooo…like a cow; huh! Then I got a name for my blog.

“My meow mooos” :  The Cat tells it the Cattle way

Anyway, this is a type of metonymy. While superficially cats may seem to lack social behavior, in fact close study reveals a wide repertoire of subtle behaviors, which serve cats in their natural wild setting where they form organized hierarchies, and in their domestic interactions with humans, other cats, and other animals. They mew, meow, purr, hiss, yawn, yowl, spit, roar and sometimes moo. When my Meow mooed, I think about what she would be thinking.

“Is she practicing to become a ventriloquist for some animated cow film?”

“Is she trying to become huge and vegan like a cow?”

“Is she trying to ask me not to write about her?”

“Is she having a burp?”

“Has she taken in her favorite grass syrup for vomiting out the toxins?”

These feline questions, made me write something, being a reason behind the rebirth of this blog, for which I am grateful to my little Meow that mooos.

Moooooooooo  🙂