Lost as hell
To live again;
To be the one and not with the other self…

Then he laughs
And says “Together we lost. Together we can.”

Before I can interprete, .
I see the ghosts of my childhood
The stranger who sang a song to me on the road
The witch tree that followed me once
And the ever jumping ouija board.

Grabbed my old black box and checked
If I had saved any shell
Found few broken toys and old dolls
A faded batch pic of my school
And some colored round pebbles

Life is so insane
With this other guy next to me

Every time I promise; He tries to break
Every time I determine; He tries to fail
Every time I argue; He is in the opposition
Every time I excel; He is vanished
Every time I cry; He is mad
Every time I hide; He is there to disturb
Every time I am angry; He mocks
Every time I shout; He is quiet

No more running from him
I have decided to kill
I will face the other self
And have a taste of consent

To make peace

©Amaresh Swain