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Dazzled, came one night,
The earth, stopped for a moment,
I felt my lonely tears turn into ink,
Making my pen to talk,
To talk to the deaf ears of the world,
That whatever you may do, you can’t bury my words.

Just like that, a moment averted from my path,
I started living the salvation,
It commenced, at the very moment, to limn,
All those thoughts and imaginations I did hath.

I forgot myself in the crowd,
I forgot to make you feel thyself,
Who once for possession of own, made me proud,
The moments long back I long to belong,
Where, on the seashore, I had left my flip-flop.
I feel as if I hadn’t lived those moments with thee,
As if the shore has been forgotten by the sea.

Like these lines above, to add a few,
I can write just to make you feel my view.
It’s simple now to say,
What made my life was,
You and only You.

Qoute on compromise

Compromise is of two types: sometimes we say “I do not mind” and sometimes we say “It’s not my kind”.

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