When I stopped by the bus stand,
I just waited, wet and dirty,
Others came and boarded,
I was behaving insane,
I was looking at the rain
Now and then.
I just thought who made me stand like that?
And I found,
The earth is round,
When I walk away from myself,
I come back to me,
And surprising it sounds.

I wake up in the morning and see;
There is no one for me.
I wasted the potential
Running after others
They did not ever care
And now that I stopped,

I feel lonely,
And to run again,
I do not dare.
I feel it and scream,
Oh my sweet past!
About you, I dream.
Stop being away,
Come, once, nearer;
I can show you what I see.
The potential that cries inside
The spark that starves for opportunity,
And the boy standing alone,
Waiting here, for the next bus,
And everything but time is free.