All they ask is
How it comes to my mind,
And I tell that
It’s just something of my kind.

As we met and just fell in love;

Do not know how.
If they ask how it happened,
Need not worry;
Let’s pretend
That we had a story.

Open up your heart

And feel the breeze
Around, it’s the one
In which we
Used to walk hand in hand
And freeze.

Sometimes you, sometimes me,

The story was the same,
The writer was different though;
To your memories,
Only that story I owe.

In this way the story proceeds

From mind, each others’ memories we remove.
Now we were strangers, so.
And when we met the next time,
We again fell in love.

Let’s that story make them think,

Can something go?
Like this?
Or in our story
Something we miss…

To tell others…

Keep it in your memory;
We have to pretend
That we had a story.