In an endeavor to quench the insatiable mind n heart
To blow out the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion
I search it at the slip of tongue of gossipmongers
In all discontinued traces of baile
And in the paths subjugated by life’s impatience and haste.

When I go that no-rebirth way
I wish I lived each moment of life
As it won’t ever come again they say
in non-individual existence of my inner soul
in the liberty from sufferings
in freedom from stench of distressful karma
in eradication of dissatisfaction, impermanence, soullessness.

I dream and I live
the perfect peace of the state of mind
that is free from craving, anger and aversion
I live at peace with the world,
having compassion for all,
giving up obsessions and fixations.
The existing volitions get pacified
When the metamorphosis starts
Of insight, deeds, vision, righteousness, virtue and mindfulness.

I search everywhere
An ideal blend of rest, harmony, stability and joy.
I believe I get
in purity of someones eyes
in touch of someones care
in intimacy of someones scolding
in simplicity of someones nothingness
I believe I search
The ineffable ultimate state of attainment.

In a sense of “Great Self”, “Great Bliss”, and “Great Purity”,
I often feel
With the emancipation from ignorance and the extinction of all attachment,
I live it just.