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The Queries Unanswered

Am I happy or not?

Are you happy or not?

A strangled free man asks

His soul;

Would you cry for me

If I ignore you?

Would you lie for me

If I confide in?

Would you simper at least,

If not smile back;

Would you die for me

If I am aghast and cold?

Trust is meek,

Voice is feeble,

Shallow are the queries

Unanswered though;

Never ending responses

To those interrogations

Are testing my wit

And beyond what I know.

Grab me once by head

Put on your shoulder and say,

No fear had ever been stronger

If we are together,

Come what may!

And to this

I will weep my secrets out…

© Amaresh Swain

The climax

Life must not be that painful

When you struggle to be yourself,

For being yourself is life.

Glad for those who got to know,

Sad for those who were not in the side of fortune,

Silence for those who remained silent

And choose to change.

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