You know what my movements mean
And I know what your eyes say
We both try to hide
Some implied meanings of truth.

With you,
My days and nights
Were all so bright,
I never felt like telling you.
The moment you left,
Had all dreams melt,
There came life’s misty view.

I wish I had done a lot of things for you,
I wish you had stayed some more days.
I imagine “What If you stayed this time?”
Come back and make up your mind
Make up a good bye
Let’s pretend we had one of such kind.

I thought I knew you so well.
But I didn’t know you at all.
I miss your care every time I am sick,
I miss your hands every time I fall.

I can’t see anything
That I don’t like about you,
Wanted to express my emotions
But I could not do.
I tried to pretend I run out of it
I ended up with a successful coup.

You left half way
You left as they do.
“How many times I could have gone wrong” without you,
I gotta learn sometime.
My poem of life without you has no rhyme.

Since the moment you left,
What I am left with, is a long…long wait
A wait for you, for night and day.
I have no words, what you are for me, how to say.

From my Mo-ly motivations to Ma-ly madness;
Someone was there
Every time, every moment
To guide and see.
She was the one I used to call ‘Momma’
She was thee.

It seems I feel insecure
Once you set me free,
Waiting for Momma,
Waiting here for eternity,
Is a lonely “Me”.