…just got time to say a simple ‘Hi’
When in a fragrant morning, I checked a sweet mail of thy.

Red is green and green is blue,
Yellow, black and white,
Here comes no hue;
Just needed to tint the world a little,
But it’s colorless without you.

Oh my words! I dare not call thou dear.
Deep in my heart, I have an unidentified fear.
Silence prevails
And so doeth solitude,
I fear one day, it’s ye, I may lose.
So I think which of the patterns to choose.

A moment came…
The bell rang!
No answer came through;
The words to the deaf ears,
You have invoked though;
Sometimes I feel
I have to go back analyzing my life
And to relive those moments,
All through.

Waiting for your reply,
Waiting here for centuries
Or some extra hours, to add a few.
Some times rude, some times sweet.
Some times to express, some times to be quiet.

Miss you a lot, no matter I am busy or free;
I feel myself as lonely as square root of three.
…Do not know what happened to thee,
For a ceremonious comeback of yours,
Waiting here is me.

Out moving is the darkness with tiny lights spreading the hue;
A confluence of glittering moments,
Oh my words! I wish to wish for you.